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Temperature always to your liking, according to the objectives of comfort and programmed energy saving

Depending on the set temperature, the system activates heating, air conditioning or ventilation. It also raises and lowers the blinds according to the season of the year and the inclination of the sun. The system can also have other conditions programmed as schedules or the presence detection in a room or other specific space.

The system is able to "learn" how long it takes to heat a space. This way you know when you have to activate the heating or air conditioning to meet the temperature and schedule. You can also receive information from the weather service to prepare the house according to forecasts.

Custom temperatures for each space

Each room or space of the house or building could have a set temperature depending on the schedule. It can be programmed, for example a night mode, during which the whole house will change the temperature according to the program and taking into account that in the morning the temperature has to return to the previous state to start the new day with the desired comfort.

Customized temperature for every room

Adaptable in all types of conditioning

It can program and automate any air conditioning system such as radiators, underfloor heating, hot/cold air splits or centralized systems, whether electric, gas or diesel.

Full control from anywhere

The system is autonomous and fully automatic, but if we want to activate/deactivate the air conditioning or modify any temperature parameter, it can be done manually from the App with a Smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere. Statistics with a temperature record are also available to analyze the information and detect possible energy savings.

Without worries

The system knows the operating hours of the devices that require maintenance and will warn us, for example, the filter maintenance. It is also able to detect a malfunction of the installation, warning immediately and activating to protection mode.

Conditioning Smarthome


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