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Automate to be more efficient

The system works to be more energy efficient and save. All functions take into account efficiency in operation, combining with each other for the same purpose, controlling consumption.

Natural warmth

Windows play an important role in temperature management. In winter, the heat of the sun is used by raising the blinds to help the heating and in summer avoid excessive exposure so as not to reheat the spaces and help the air conditioning shading the rooms.

The system knows the seasons and the schedules, and even through the meteorological service, has forecast information. The rain sensor will tell the system if it’s raining. With all this information adjusts the blinds and other elements automatically, for maximum energy efficiency.

Potential energy savings

By managing the air conditioning by zones and schedules, it is possible to program the appropriate temperature for each room and space, adapted to the activity that is carried out.

With individual control and timer you can enjoy the right temperature at every moment of the day and night while controlling the energy cost.

Through the App on smartphones, tablets and computers we have access to consumption and temperature statistics to detect possible energy savings.

Conditioning by zones

Solar panels

Installing solar panels and producing our own energy supposes a drastic reduction of the energy bill.

We can control how much energy we produce and when we produce it to maximize the energy of the sun combined with the outer electrical network. Depending on the schedules and our activity, we can prioritize consumptions when they are more efficient.

From the App we can know the consumption and production of energy, at any moment, to optimize the system.

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