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Smarthome illumination rgb led bedroom

Spectacular and customized illumination at home

The illumination is one of the main axes in the home environment. With the Smarthome system we have absolute control of intensity, colors and combinations between lamps to achieve the perfect atmosphere at every moment of the day or night and in each family or social situation.

It can adapt any type of lamp or bulb already installed for different combinations and intensities, but with RGB LED lights we can give more play to the scenes and change, not only the intensity, also the color tones. The personalization of each space is absolute with this type of light.

Smarthome illumination bulbs
Smarthome illumination

Some characteristics of the smart illumination

Automatic programming of ON and OFF buttons.

Presence sensors for initiating an illumination when you enter the house.

Automatic turn off when leaving a room.

Guide lights at night, they detect and light up if you get out of bed to, for example, go to the toilet.

Smooth transition between different lighting for a more pleasant change between scenes or ON/OFF.

Configuration of pushbuttons with double or triple click to deactivate the lighting of a room or to tell the system to leave the house and turn everything off quickly and safely.

Ringer function with flicker or color change in lighting. To turn off the doorbell when children are asleep or if we are making noise and we may not hear the doorbell.

Smarthome illumination toilet


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