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Industrial Robotics

Integrated robotics: The key to efficient, flexible and safe production

Industrial robots offer a solution for a wide range of handling processes and for many sectors of industry and logistics. Productivity, efficiency, hygiene, space reduction and safety can be greatly improved by the integration of robotic solutions.

The flexibility of robotic systems is a key factor, they have the ability to adapt very quickly to different products within the same production line, which makes them ideal for situations that require frequent and rapid changeovers.

Robotic solutions

Custom robotic solutions for each project

The wide variety of robots and cutting-edge controllers available today allow us to design specific solutions for every need. Depending on the project criteria, such as load, performance and environment, different robots can be configured. Accessories, controllers and vision systems, monitoring and safety adapted to each specific sector and need.

From anthropomorphic robots to collaborative and through the delta, scara and mobile. Each robotic solution has its ideal field of application.

Robotic system design

Robotic system design

Creativity in the selection, installation and configuration of the different elements of a robotic solution, is key to an efficient and profitable production final result.

At Tecnical, with more than 30 years of experience in the world of industrial automation, we have the ability to offer optimal robotic solutions for each case and the best service in all project stages. Thanks to this extensive experience, we also have the complicity of the leading robotics manufacturers, to offer an agile service with the highest technological level.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: Revolution of digitized automation

Smart factories are already a reality and the world of robotics is perfectly integrated into them. Facilities, machines and storage systems form an "intelligent production ecosystem" capable of generating and exchanging information autonomously.

The analysis of this information flow allows to create and manage productive models with high added value and great potential for cost savings. Being competitive is essential, and competitiveness without applying industry 4.0 systems is no longer possible today.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the main challenges facing industries that want to be competitive, and the energy bill is one of the main factors that influence the product final cost.

With the processes automation, and especially through robotics, the necessary energy is consumed in a controlled way, avoiding the unnecessary expenses caused by other less efficient production systems. Automation contributes at all levels to greater energy efficiency.

Industrial Robotics



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