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IXON Machinery and production plants digitization

Cloud solutions for your machinery • Drastic increase in productivity and competitiveness

Machinery and production plants digitization

Digitization and cloud infrastructure is expanding transversely and the industry is not far behind.

It must have a control of the processes to be able to provide and assess improvements.

In Tecnical we are committed to easy integration solutions that allow us to make the leap to the cloud world in a simple and safe way.

Why jump into the digital world with Ixon?

Ixon VPN


Connect to your machines from anywhere in the world.

Ixon Cloud Access

Cloud Access

Remote access to local web servers.

HMI remote viewing via VNC.

Secure https transmission.

Ixon API


Access to data uploaded to the cloud through the IXON API.

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All-in-one platform

IXON is a company dedicated to cloud solutions for the industry, which aims to offer the best and most intuitive industrial IoT solution to enable analysis and productivity improvement.

It integrates all the necessary services for the digitalization of industrial processes. It is an all-in-one Web platform.

No need to install additional apps, you only need a computer with a web browser.

Security is key. Being a web service, it will always be updated and vulnerabilities are avoided due to obsolete versions. Double authentication, data encryption and ISO-27001 certified data centers.

Connect remotely on your machine

Need external software to access machines is part of the past

IXON Cloud uses advanced proxy technology to provide revolutionary functionalities of VNC web and HTTPS web, connect remotely on your machine from anywhere, even from mobile or tablet, to be aware of the operation of your machine in real time.

With data stored in high capacity database clusters, you can trust that they are safe and available when you need them.

IXrouter the fastest and safest way to connect your machine to the cloud

Ixon IXrouter

Transparently integrated with the IXON Cloud with the most appropriate connection to the cloud in every situation, Ethernet, SIM (4G) or Wi-Fi.

IXON Cloud included, the powerful IXON Cloud is free with the IXrouter purchase.

Designed for security, the IXrouter ensures that the most advanced IT security standards are met.

Advanced integrated firewall that keeps PLCs and HMIs separate from the company's network to avoid conflicts or unsafe situations.

Robust industrial design. With its metal frame, compact design and ability to mount on a DIN rail, the IXrouter fits perfectly into any control box.

Cloud Notify

Cloud Notify

With this alarm manager you will be able to configure the priority and criticality of the different values of the process. Its filters allow you to establish, among others:

Send alarms to different receivers by email or through notification to the APP.

Set the alarm conditions for each parameter.

Manage the recipients of the alarms according to their priority.

Cloud Logging

Cloud Logging

This datalogger offers numerous possibilities to the user:

Upload the pre-prepared and selected process values.

Save a history of them and create a dashboard with different visualization tools (widgets).

See these values in real time from our mobile or tablet.

All these data, in addition to being stored for a period of up to 7 years, are exportable in .csv format or through an API to other clouds or own applications.

The router has an 8 GB memory to act as a buffer in case of loss of connection, in order to avoid the loss of any data from the process.


Ethernet 4G Wi-Fi 4G + Wi-Fi
Model Ethernet 4G-E WIFI 4G-E & WIFI
Article number IX2400 IX2405 IX2410 IX2415
Wifi 802.11b/g/n Client and AP mode Client and AP mode
Region Global Global
Cellular protocols
and frequencies






Cellular speed LTE-FDD:
Max. Cellular
Ports 5x GbE (4x LAN, 1x WAN), 1x USB2.0
Power supply 12-24 VDC +/- 20% LPS
Temp. range -20°C to 65°C
Dimensions 111 x 95 x 28mm
Physical specs Metal case, IP20, DIN rail mountable
Warrenty 2 Years
IXplatform Lifetime access included
Certifications IXON IXrouter certifications

An antenna is required when using the Wi-Fi functionalities of the IXrouter. Wi-Fi antennas are available in monopole and IP67 variations.

An antenna is required when using the 4G LTE functionalities of the IXrouter. 4G LTE antennas are available in monopole tilt, IP67, and magnetic mount variations.

Antenna IX2210
Wi-Fi antenna monopole 3cm
Antenna IX2211
Wi-Fi antenna screw mount IP67 with 3m cable
Antenna IX2201
LTE antenna rotatable 7cm
Antenna IX2202
Pentaband antenna magnetic mount with 2m cable
Antenna IX2203
Pentaband antenna screw mount with 3m cable
Antenna IX2205
Wide-band LTE antenna screw mount with 3m cable
Antenna IX2206
Wide-band LTE antenna magnetic mount with 3m cable
Ixon Digitrust ISO

ISO Certified

IXON is certified with ISO 27001: information security.

Ixon Audits


Regular audits of the systems are carried out both internally and by third parties.

Ixon Data Centers

Data Centers

IXON servers are in certified data centers with 24/7 monitoring.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

All you need to know about IXON Cloud, articles, tutorials, tips, etc.




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