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Music, movies and much more

The music accompanies you

Music is one of the most important elements in the multimedia field, and for most people, a method of relaxation that accompanies in leisure time and special moments.

With the Smarthome system we can wake up to our favorite song, listen to music in the bathroom or program a custom sound for the doorbell.

Independent music in each space

The system allows to play different music in each room or defined space, so that we can listen to a style of music in the living room while the children play with their favorite songs in their room or in the kitchen our favorite artist helps us prepare the best menu.

Variety of sources

We can choose many different sources to play audio from the system, such as your personal library, internet music services like Spotify, Google Play Music or Tuneln, link your smartphone or tablet, local or international radio stations online.

Multimedia Music

Home theater

We can convert our living room, games room or room into a cinema, with just one order via push button or remote control, low light intensity, blinds down, screen turns on, projector, surround sound ... Everything ready For the best experience.

Smarthome Multimedia Home Cinema

Security and warnings

Alarm audio or alerts issued by the Smarthome system can be integrated when smoke, water leakage or any other anomaly is detected. Other warnings can also be programmed when, for example, the garage door is too open or if the bath temperature is raised, the system will notify you when it has been reached.

Everything integrated

For easy and convenient management, all multimedia devices are integrated, and can be controlled from the smartphone/tablet application, from push buttons or with a single remote control.

In addition actions can be automated, for example, that when you enter the bathroom in the morning your favorite radio station is activated.



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