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Smarthome Security

The security, one of the fundamental axes of the Smarthome and the building’s automation

The system is always monitoring the house or building to be safer, both for the people and for the building, especially when there is nobody or everyone is sleeping.

The alarm acts in case of intrusion or technical alerts informing the incident directly on the selfphone. In the case of a technical alert, the system also acts by notifying us of the presence of smoke or, for example, cutting the water if there is an escape.

Full alarm functionality included

With the Smarthome installation it is not necessary to add an expensive additional alarm system. The elements themselves such as motion detectors, window contacts and other sensors can be programmed to create a secure alert system. Even if you are not connected to a reciver station, in the event of any problem, make a call to the owner.

Useful information

From the App with a Smartphone or tablet we can see the state of windows and doors, if we are not sure if closed well when leaving just consult the mobile. We can also generate alerts to let us know if, for example, the garage’s door has been opened for too long.

With the same application we can visualize the security cameras to see if the children have arrived well from school or how is our pet when alone.

App security Smartphone Tablet

Presence simulation

During the holidays, the weekend or any other reason why we are absent for a period of time the presence simulation acts on some blinds and lights to make it look like we are at home to frighten some thieves.

My system, my data

All the personal data and information that the system uses are on a server inside your house, not in the cloud. Each installation has personal access encryption so data is always safe.

The Server stores the information directly on your SD card. Sensitive information such as the number of residents, daily behaviors or hours of occupation of the house, as well as vacations, multimedia cameras or alarm status, etc. Remain in the house.

Smarthome server


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