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The Smarthome is a set of systems capable of automating a home, with systems of energy management, security, lighting, air conditioning, multimedia and communication. They can be integrated through internal and external communication networks, wired or wireless.

A Smarthome is synonymous with the house works alone, you do not have to worry about the climate system, the blinds or the schedules. The house will automatically perform numerous actions and processes that do not need to be activated or manually graded.

And if it is necessary to act manually can be done easily and quickly, activating or deactivating functions or graduating from the Smartphone, controls or buttons.

Each project is unique, because each home is different. We design specific and customized solutions for each client to offer the best solution to their needs.

Building automation

The building automation is the building’s automation of tertiary use or industrial. Offices, corporative buildings, hotels, business buildings, or similar through automated management systems, with the aim of reducing energy consumption, increase comfort and safety.

An "Smart" building incorporates information systems and advanced services of activity and telecommunications. With automated control, monitoring, management and maintenance of the different services of the building, in an optimal and integrated way, locally and remotely.

Tecnical is a reference company in the world of Smarthome and building automation, with an extensive experience in the tertiary and residential sector, working in both the private and public.

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