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Smarthome Loxone Voice Control

SmartHome • Voice Control with Amazon Echo, Alexa and Miniserver Loxone

Control lights and ambient scenes, blinds, heating/air conditioning, music/video and all other devices connected to your home using the most natural interface, your voice.

Amazon Echo and Alexa

The Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker that you can control with your voice. Echo connects to the "Alexa Voice Service" to play music, make calls, send and receive messages, offer information, news, sports results, weather forecast, and also to control the devices of a SmartHome.

When you want to use the Echo, simply say the activation word "Alexa" and the device will light up and respond to your request.

Use the Amazon Echo to turn on the light in the room before getting out of bed, raise the temperature of the thermostat while reading or dim the lights when you go to watch a movie on the sofa: all without moving a finger.

Smarthome Amazon Echo Alexa

With the voice assistants from Amazon and Alexa (Echo dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot ...) you can give instructions on your SmartHome with voice commands type:


Alexa, turn on dining room light.

Alexa, turn off dining room light.

Alexa, dim dining room light.

Colors and RGB light scenes

Alexa, set bedroom light to purple.

Alexa, set dining room light warm white.

Alexa, turn on romantic mode.


Alexa, work room blinds up.

Alexa, work room blinds down.

Alexa, set work room blinds to 50 percent.


Alexa, what is the temperature inside?

Alexa, set the wellness thermostat to 23 degrees.

Alexa, increase wellness thermostat temperature by 2 degrees.

*Supported Languages: English (CA), English (GB), English (IN), English (US), French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT), Spanish (ES).

There are many other voice commands that can control any aspect of a SmartHome that is connected to the Loxone miniserver.

Depending on the options that each connected system has, you can configure the voice commands to control them.

Google Home and Google Assistant

The Loxone miniserver can also be connected with the Google Home devices (Home, Home Mini and Home Max) that incorporate the Google Assistant, to be able to control by voice all the automatisms of a SmartHome.

Smarthome Google Home Assistant

SmartHome with voice control, beyond comfort for the elderly or disabled persons

With the new technologies and creativity, SmartHome systems can be configured that help the elderly and people with disabilities to live with greater autonomy and security. The voice control system offers a wide variety of aids to control lighting, conditioning, blinds, access, etc. In addition to being able to configure alarms or reminders for different situations and make emergency calls with a simple voice command.

In a home supervised by SmartHome systems, the elderly or people with disabilities or with any physical limitation, can benefit from this technology to live more safely and relaxed besides, of course, more comfortably.

Find out and upgrade your SmartHome control with Amazon Alexa or Google Home and the Loxone miniserver

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